Short Stories and Tall Tales

This delightful collection of short stories and sketches comes to us from writers and artists both in the USA and the UK.

This collection will suit all tastes and has been compiled in order to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.


A Climate Change Suspense Thriller

USA v China thriller TILT uncovers a new climate change angle no one is supposed to know about…

Maybe you think climate change is a natural phenomenon? Perhaps you have considered it an unfortunate by-product of so many human beings on this tiny planet? Has it occurred to you that there may be a much more insidious reason? What Tilt uncovers is much more frightening and thought provoking.


About Max

Max Oberon lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. A ship's officer by profession, he has seen first hand how Australia is being exported to China one giant shipload at a time. Having previously written a number of unpublished works, TILT is Max Oberon's first professional offering.

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