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Very intriguing novel that is more than just a book on climate change. In 1979 Senator Tom Bradley and his wife died when their plane crashed in Antarctica. Their son Jack was devastated and thirty years later finds himself back in the same area where his parents died, although he doesn’t have a clue as to what has been going on the last thirty years and what the conspiracy means for the planet and for him and his new friend Shirley.
Oberon does a great job tying all the loose ends together and making this suspenseful, conspiracy thriller one for readers to grab.

P.S. Winn Kindle Reader

What a great read! Pacey, entertaining, and a little bit intriguing, I really started to wonder if this climate change conspiracy could actually be really happening? If this is his first novel, he’s done a great job. If you are looking for a page-turner that’s not too heavy, try this one; it’s great!

Gracie Agogo

“Environmental fiction is moving away from its roots in science fiction and taking on a harder edge. This is certainly true of Tilt, the new eco-thriller from Max Oberon. With a powerful and often disturbing plot, Oberon’s characters are sculpted expertly and their growing feelings of trepidation, as they face their uncertain future, are infectious. Underpinned by a thought-provoking narrative, tension and suspense find an equitable balance that leaves the reader in no doubt about the stakes. Not just for Jack Bradley as he discovers the sobering truth about the death of his parents, but in the blurring of lines between fact and fiction to articulate how we are changing our planet in potentially deadly and irreversible ways. On this level and in these increasingly anxious ecological times, Oberon’s work certainly makes for compulsive reading. Without getting lost in the minutiae, it evolves at an unforgiving pace, hurtling towards an exciting and all too worryingly plausible denouement which will certainly leave reader’s deep in thought.

Powerful and entertaining fiction, Tilt makes a notable debut for Max Oberon and one that bodes well for future releases. It is recommended without reservation.”

Book Viral

“I like thrillers with an element of truth to them and grounding this one in the controversy surrounding climate change proved quite inspirational. The plot is very good with no annoying loose ends and quickly gathers momentum to deliver an exciting read. I think this is one of those books you will enjoy the first time around but you will find a lot you missed if you read it again, which I think is the mark of a good book. It not only entertains you but makes you think as well.”

Karen E. Proctor Kindle Reader

“TILT is a fast moving novel which covers world espionage, sex, spying and romance across the USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia.

It is an exciting suspense-filled page-turner that gets better as the plot develops towards what may be plausible explanations–for conspiracy theorists at least–of contemporary history events such as the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in 2014 and lack of significant debris, the recent crash in iron ore prices, greenhouse gas emissions and China’s inconsistent environmental approach to some resource developments.

TILT evokes comparisons with thrillers such as those of John Grisham. Woven into the plot are other major events such as the Air New Zealand Flight 901 crash in 1979, gas exploration in Australia, the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, the building of the environmental and culturally controversial Three Gorges Dam in China and US/China relationships.

I cannot wait to see a potential movie sequel!”

David Hall

Max Oberon

Max Oberon lives on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. A ship's officer by profession, he has seen firsthand how Australia is being exported to China one giant shipload at a time. Having previously written a number of unpublished works, TILT is Max Oberon's first professional offering.


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