Rover…The Cat

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Rover...The Cat

Rover...The Cat is a light-hearted, fun story about a much-loved family dog tragically killed and reincarnated as a domestic cat, mistakenly so, according to our feline hero who is known by various names throughout the novel.

After the initial tragedy, the journey commences with the now young kitten purchased from an unwilling shop assistant in a local pet store. The shop assistant has her own agenda regarding our special furry friend which eventually becomes apparent. The purchasing family are unsavoury characters and this encounter eventually results with the attempted drowning of their new pet. When the weighted sack is rescued from the river, a young boy is introduced who brings his prize home to add to his collection of animals he adores. His mother, an officer with the Police Dog Squad, is less excited about having it around.

At its new home, a series of encounters with other special animals enlightens the cat about its unusual predicament. As the story unfolds it travels through numerous adventures seeking to find its original human family. Continually faced with challenges, our hero interacts with various characters, both human and animal. Some interactions are heart-warming and loving, sadly some are evil and dangerous, others even deadly.

On a number of occasions, the cat becomes an unwitting hero providing unexpected turns and twists. Evil creatures intent on its demise pose an ever-present threat throughout. Balancing this threat are constant interactions with other friendly reincarnated animals.

A tragic encounter sees the cat inadvertently transported from the city to the country property of a family member, a retired FBI agent. A past criminal and a killer dog come close to prematurely ending the story, but true love and an unbreakable friendship save the day.

Through a close encounter with death, the cat accidentally finds itself in the presence of familiar humans who eventually turn out to be its original family. Having surmounted numerous challenges to reach this point it is now faced with the hardest task of all. Our feline hero has to convince its original family that their recently departed dog is actually alive and now ensconced in the form of a very unusual cat.

The windows to the soul and what they reveal about a person, or in this case creature, are a central element of the story. The reader will be left wondering if that look in the eyes of their treasured pet is actually the creature trying to communicate. It will also have them pondering what message it may be attempting to give.

Age group: 16 plus (some soft adult themes).